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Team project - my contribution

This making-of showreel shows in more detail which parts of production and pre-production I was involved in for my team’s animation. The character animation was split between me and another member, so here you can see the best of the parts I animated.

Third year, ‘Animation Group Production’ module

Simple lip sync performance

Of four given audio clips I picked this one, and as well as doing the lip sync I was to create a believable performance of it with just the head and shoulders in shot. This is my first piece of lip sync work.

Don't go near his ice cream.

Second year, ‘3D Character Animation’ module

Walk cycle with personality

Armed with video footage from the streets of Middlesbrough as (loose) reference, I created this very self-confident, smug, laid-back guy. It was fun to deviate from the ‘standard’ walk cycle and create this character.

Second year, ‘3D Character Animation’ module

Giving personality to the bouncing ball

An exercise in which I had to animate a ball/balls that had character and purpose -- i.e. self-propelled rather than just affected by physics.

Second year, ‘3D Character Animation’ module

Team project - All Is Fair In Love And Playtime

I worked as producer and lead character animator in a team of five students over the course of an academic year to produce this one-minute comedic animation.

Having seen a girl playing in the playground, two boys battle it out to reach her first.

Third year, ‘Animation Group Production’ module

The Life of a Student Animator

An animation I produced for my final year project at Teesside University. We were able to undertake whatever work we chose as long as it was a suitable amount. This idea was based on my own experiences as a student animator (though thankfully I haven't had many computer crashes) and was really fun to make because of that.

Third year, ‘Computer Animation Project’ module

Caitlin (Vickers) Meadley 2016

2D - Prince Un-Charming

Based on the theme ‘escape’, this piece had to include a chase sequence with run cycles and a good, 30-second storyline. This is my first piece of digital 2D animation, and the first time I’ve put colour into 2D. It was challenging and I had to stay very disciplined, but I think I have something great to show for it.

Second year, ‘2D Character Animation’ module

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